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Autodesk program affinity

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Autodesk program affinity

Good morning all,


I am wanting to know if a change can be made to the autodesk software suite to allow cpu affinity selections?  For instance , To have autocad, revit, or navis check with system manager and set affinity to threads not being used by another autodesk product.


My reason for this - I use revit autocad and navis sometimes multiple instances on my machine.  All these processes, as indicated by windows task manager, use thread 0 or thread 4.  I would assume like most users you are using multiple instances of your native programs to increase your work flow.  I am always bouncing between projects and opening seperate instances helps me maintain model integrity.


Thank you for your time.


Todd Bowen USN Ret.

Prism Electric

BIM Coordinator

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Hi, tpbowen,

Welcome to the Revit Forum! I"m Judy from Revit support and I want to say thanks for your suggestion about allowing cpu affinity assignments in Autodesk software. The best place way to get this idea to the attention of the developers is to post it on the Revit Ideas Page. Or, if someone has already made the suggestion, you can vote for it and add your comments. The developers keep a close eye on the Ideas page and have incorporated a number of customer suggestions into the software, so this is a great way to influence the development of the software you use every day. 


Have a good day!






Product Support Specialist, AEC

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in reply to: Judy_S

Good morning Judy,
Setting cpu affinity for all Autodesk products is my request. Yes I primarily use REVIT & Navisworks and it will help to post it in the REVIT forums as you suggested, but I would like to see this over the entire product line. Multicore processors are here, have been here, and catching up to multiple available processors will only enhance work flow productivity. I see no downside to this request other than a possible slowdown of product startup.
Thank you for your quick response and have a GREAT NAVY DAY!
Todd Bowen USN Ret.

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