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Autodesk please explain what the heck is going on with C4R

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Autodesk please explain what the heck is going on with C4R

Autodesk please explain what the heck is going on with C4R.


We abandoned all our ongoing projects from the cloud due to Autodesk now stating that each and every user/contributor needs to purchase a collaboration licence.


3 days ago we purchased 4 licences (reluctantly) as we need to complete a current project with 3rd party contributors.

The 4 licences appeared in our host Autodesk account. We have ‘not’ allocated ‘any’ of these 4 licences yet. However, every single contributor still listed on old projects can now access the cloud models as before inc modifying and syncing.


At one point we had 9 people accessing and editing the model at the same time

Why can people we have invited but do not own a C4R licence still operate as before?


Is this a glitch? Is this the way C4R works now? Have the other contributors automatically been put on a trial?

If so how can we tell if they are using a trial version?


I’m more confused than before.


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It is the same for us. I guess it's the glitch that is back. But we will never be informed about that I believe. Enjoy while it last but be prepared to use the service as stated in the contract any day. Exciting times with these cloud business models!

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Hi Lorne,


Good day!


I have forwarded your question to our C4R experts for further assistance.


Soon as I have gotten updates, I will cascade them over to you.


Thank you.




Best regards,



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