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AutoCAD two line text with fraction cause problem in Revit

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AutoCAD two line text with fraction cause problem in Revit



I have a AutoCAD detail drawing linked in Revit, and I found that if one of two or more lines text has fraction, the other line(s) will be shifted. Anyone knows how to make this right?


Text without fraction is shown the same in AutoCAD and Revit:


Two lines text without fraction (AutoCAD)



Second line of the text is shown the same as in AutoCAD (Revit)



But, if the fraction is added:


Two lines text with fractions (AutoCAD)



Second line is shifted (Revit)


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in reply to: juney176

I struggle with the same thing. The only solution I've found is to edit the DWG and change the stacked fractions to "unstacked" (?) and re-link the DWG.


I've also heard rumors that when under deadline pressure users (totally not me... shhhhhh) will simply type on top of the offending text using an opaque text style in Revit, obscuring the DWG text with the corrected Revit text.

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in reply to: JADAstudio

Thank you for your reply, baumbach.


But unstacked fraction sometimes is not acceptable by following client's standard. Well, I would explode the two lines text into two single line, but I am seeking for a better solution.


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in reply to: juney176

I seem to recall that most / all of the problem text in my case were multi-line text objects in AutoCAD. When I added line feeds at the end of each line in AutoCAD it looked better when bringing into Revit. I could be remembering incorrectly.

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