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Augmented Reality for Revit

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Augmented Reality for Revit

Hi guys,


Does anybody tried Augmented Reality (AR) for Revit? My boss is about to purchase Meta 2. I don't know if this unit does already supports Revit files or at least any 3D authoring softwares.


You can check the Meta 2 with the links below.


Thanks in advance!



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in reply to: ennuyda

I was working with VR, using HTC VIVE and RIFT.

If you use REVIT and REVIT LIVE ( ) you can connect each one and navigate directly. It´s plug & play.


I didn´t have opportunity to use this Meta device. And never saw any reference to it or other AR device using Revit Live.

What I know is that you have to prepare your model, made in any 3D software, in a specific Animation software to setup the enviroment to AR. It´s not a plug&play, but yes, you can do it.


Autodesk has Stingray, that now is available inside 3dsmax 2018, now called "3dsmax Interactive".



Ricardo Cardial
Arquiteto Urbanista - Mentor BIM
BIM | Nuvem de Pontos na FARO do Brasil

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in reply to: BIM_Cardial

I would advise you to read a little more about the development of augmented reality - , not so long ago I found a guide to developing augmented reality, I hope this information will become useful

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