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attached walls and columns to linked model

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attached walls and columns to linked model

Hi all, 


is there a way to attach walls or columns to a slab in linked model ?



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You can't attach your walls to elements in linked model.

Your basic solution is to use copy/monitor. When you copy slab from linked model you can attach your walls.

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As mentioned Copy monitor is the way to go for Walls, Floors, Columns & Levels. When you're trying to connect to things that aren't copy monitor able (other than Walls, Floors, Columns, Levels) What I do is click and select the link, tab and select the element/s you need to connect too (Usually a beam). This will highlight it. From there you can CTRL-C then go to the modify tab and paste aligned to same place. Make sure you put it on a workset that you can exclude from views quantity schedules etc. Keep in mind that this method will not notify you of a change. Best for existing conditions that aren't likely to change.

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