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Assign C4R to a Revit trial user?

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Assign C4R to a Revit trial user?

We are testing a small project out with C4R and another remote user who is on a Revit trial.  Do I need to purchase two cloud subscriptions to get this working and assign one of the C4R's to him through my subscription account?  If I only have one seat of Revit, can I have multiple C4R's and assign them to people who don't have a seat?


Would be nice to have a simple trial setup to test this out with small firms and sole practitioners who are remotely working on projects together.



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Hi @angelomarasco,


Great question! If you want to use Revit at the same time, then yes you would need multiple seats and assign to users. Try assigning A360 C4R to them in your account.

Matt DiMichele
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