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April - May | New Support Knowledge Base Solutions

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April - May | New Support Knowledge Base Solutions

Question: Where can I find a list of the Autodesk Knowledge Network support solutions that were created and/or updated in the months of April and May?

Jessica Thrasher
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April - May


Revit | Bluestreak support

Revit: When panning or zooming a view in moves in large increments


How to install the Collaboration for Revit add-in


System requirements for Autodesk Revit 2016 products

System requirements for Autodesk Revit LT 2016


Where to download Revit 2015 language packs


Collaboration for Revit: Synchronize process starts failing for C4R


Cloud rendering does not reflect cloud credits and cannot run rendering in Revit LT 2014


Collaboration for Revit | Can’t access files published from Revit to A360

Collaboration for Revit: Publish to A360 Team is failing


Comments field is erased after running Roombook Areabook Extension calculation


How to save Temporary Hide/Isolate changes


Install Revit 2013 Language Packs


How to add profiles to a Conceptual mass extrusion


Revit | How to print to PDF and change the order of the sheets.

Revit Ribbon disappears after opening project

Revit Server not working (2014/2015)

Revit view cannot be deleted because it is pinned

Revit: CIBSE Compliance in Revit

Revit: Interior Elevation view extents incorrectly set to floor thickness

Revit: Scalable Axonomateric Views

Revit: Scheduling Swing and Hand for Doors


Stacked walls do not display correctly with plan regions


Collaboration for Revit: Paths to linked files showing local locations and not A360 locations

Error: “Input string was not in a correct format” as Site desiner/ Feature line is selected


How do I create a deployment of Revit 2015 R2 with the UR7


How to change alignement or orientation of surface pattern on curtain wall panel


Revit | 2d extents resetting after crop region

Revit | Export to to ODBC will not list parts

Revit | How to export a model to dwg as 3d solid.

Revit crashes or hangs for a long time when attempting to make a design option Primary

Revit: Cannot insert a view from a file on Revit Server or A360

Revit: Folders not related to a project show up in the Open Dialog in Revit Server

Revit: Using the OmniClass Taxonomy Table 21


Unable to Glue from Revit 2015


Advance Steel: The C sections have incorrect orientation after transfer model from AS to REVIT


How to import Revit IFC into Advance Steel


Opening project fails with unrecoverable error if Revit does not have Extension installed


Revit 2016 Extension for Fabrication is not available on the Add-Ins tab

Revit and Navisworks interoperability: How to update the changes in the Revit Model in Navisworks

Revit: How to use custom fill pattern in linked IFC file

Revit: Setting shared parameter to be a reporting parameter affects the parameter in linked families...


Search bar in Type Selector is missing in Revit 2015


Collaboration for Revit Error: Unable to Load Items


Revit Error: The current model was opened by (username).

Revit Server: Performance issue with Revit Server 2014 Accelerator

Revit: Graphics card shows certified card & driver as unknown

NavisWorks | Revit model missing elements.


Revit | How to apply a material to an element

Revit | Importing IFC not showing.

Revit 2015: Link or open IFC and geometry is not displayed

Revit Content Libraries not getting installed from a Building Design Suite 2016 deployment


Revit Server: Cannot synchronize after successfully creating new local model

Revit: Panel Schedules not calculating, and Panel Settings cannot be modified

Jessica Thrasher

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