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Applying temporary phase to elments

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Applying temporary phase to elments

I'm using full Revit 2016.


I'm wanting to use the Temporary phase to display select elements as "future" objects (ie. walls, doors, plumbing, etc in a basement plan).  I only have the option to make an element Exising or New Construction phase. Is this possible? I'm new to understand phasing.


Basically, I'm trying to automatically display my future objects as halftone in each view, as opposed to overriding graphics of each element in each view (too time consuming). Is there another way to achieve this?



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Phases would be not what I would try to use
They are not for Documentation Phasing
You can use Filters and a Parameter overrides
Or what I use these days Selection Filters as they work across categories
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in reply to: MichaelRuehr

Are you refering to Visibility/Graphic Override Filters? ... I want to select one of the four walls in my structural basement plan to be a future (halftone) wall, and when I create a section through that future wall and other new (solid) walls or open my electrical basement plan I want the future wall to automatically be shown as halftone...

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Not to get into too many details

Revit does not really have Future Phase, you can read up on that in various forums

What I would suggest is to use selection sets

You can read up on them in the Help file

The Selection set creates a Filter automatically that can be used to create a Visibility Override to grey or hide etc.


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