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Answer Day - Shared Coordinates Harmony

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Answer Day - Shared Coordinates Harmony

There are a great number of forum questions regarding shared coordinates coordination between Revit and Civil 3D.


The less than bullet proof method when attempting to use the Shared Reference Point/XML add-on for Revit leaves most users using a more "brute force" method for aligning sites with buildings and visa-versa. 


Are there plans to make this more homogeneous between platforms to cut the time and effort for such an important task/feature? 

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in reply to: nwakeman

There are indeed.  I believe @harlan_brumm can comment in more detail.



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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Kyle is right.  we do have plans to improve shared coordinates and to have coordinates work better across products.  To start we are focused on improving the collaboration and workflows between architects and civil engineers in a few ways.  In general, we are working on making sure that architects and engineers can work on the "same dirt" in the same place on earth.  I'd encourage you to check out our public roadmap ( and to add any ideas you have to improve coordinates to our Ideas page (\revitideas) as well.  We are always looking for ways to improve and good ideas to make this workflow better.  





Harlan Brumm
Sr Product Line Manager, Core Capabilities and Collaboration Services
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in reply to: harlan_brumm

When using the 'import shared coordinates from XML file" add in everything seems to be going well, except that the location point is 'owned' by the person who created it. This is irrespective of the fact that they have not opened the Revit file. 

This means that even when the location is set to using the shared site, and warning comes up requiring the element to be relenquished by the creator of the element (type: Project Info: Location Data: id...)

This results in the same warning coming up when importing a DWG file to that location, thus the DWG can't be imported.

To only work around I have found is to get the creator to create a local file of the revit project and 'save to central'/'relenquish all'.

This isn't always an available work flow.

Is there a reason the point is owned by the creator of the shared coordinate?



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