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An unrecoverable error has occurred The program will be terminated. Revit 2015

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An unrecoverable error has occurred The program will be terminated. Revit 2015



I have received this message everytime I try to run an Audit on the "corrupt" file. Working in C4R one of our collaborators received a message saying "Unable to open because of unresolved pointer references. Please contact Autodesk Support." Referring to one of my Models he has linked. Here at our office we do not have any issues getting that message. I told our collaborator that I would Audit the file and sync. That's when I got the "An unrecoverable error..." message. 

I have tried multiple things I have read on the forums and research. 

I have also recovered a few previous versions

I have saved as, detached and audited the file from C4R. Still get the same message when saving the file. 

I have also renamed my profile. 

I have also cleared the Cache's etc as one other post suggested. 


Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated



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Hi Anna,


Can you please PM me a copy of your journal file so we can take a look at this deeper?



Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager

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