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Allow C4R to recognize A360 subfolders

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Allow C4R to recognize A360 subfolders

Please allow Collaboration For Revit to recognize A360 subfolders. My company is considering purchasing licenses but I can see this very quickly turning into a heaping pile o' files (as viewed from the Revit "Open" dialogue box.)


A360 for C4R.pngC4R to A360.png

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Hi @rnarracci,


Thanks for your feedback, I recommend voting up this idea for C4R subfolders visible in Revit. Here is also a workaround of how to access subfolders listed in A360 team in Revit. It consists of movomg the workshared file (once initiated) to subfolder in A360. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Also, up voting ideas helps them get attention and get implemented.

Matt DiMichele
Autodesk Product Blogs | @ADSKCommunity Twitter

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in reply to: rnarracci

Hi Matthew,

Your workaround isn't really a workaround for the problem I described. I already used the A360 browser interface to create subdirectories and moved files into them. However, the Revit "Open" dialogue box simply doesn't see these subdirectories and instead, just shows me a pile of files. It's a huge problem and I have no idea why this problem exists. Directory trees are a basic tenet of any organizational system, be it paper card catalogues or operating systems.

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