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Adding Metadata against files

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Adding Metadata against files

Is it possible to add additional columns to C4R which can be completed by users (as with BIM360 docs); for example, can I add a title field so I can identify the files content without opening the file?
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Hi Paul,


Can you send me a screenshot of what you're suggesting here? I'm not 100% sure currently what you're asking for here and i want to make sure and get this into the right Forum.


Let me know and we'll go from there.

Brett Wright
Community Manager
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BIM360 Docs - Add Attrbiute.PNG


Hi Brett,


I want to know whether I can add a column in C4R, similar to BIM360 Docs.  Currently, in C4R, there are limited columns, none of which allow me to manual input information into.  The problem I am trying to solve is, being able to identify information about the files contents without having to rely on the file name.





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ok thank you,


I'll move this over into the C4R Forum then for that team to take a look at this since specific to that team.



Brett Wright
Community Manager

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