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Accessing a cloud model. "Contact Customer Support"

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Accessing a cloud model. "Contact Customer Support"

We're getting a recurring error with a model on our BIM360 Collaboration Pro hub.

We've made numerous attempts at fixing the issue but still get this error.

health dashboard doesn't show up anything currently - but does show there were issues on April 6.




(I've asked the user for screen shot with Show Details on, but haven't got it just yet)


contact customer support.png 

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@mdhutchinson Já tentou desligar sua máquina central para que a mesma fique aliviada com os processamentos dos demais aplicativos? 

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this looks like spanish perhaps.  I don't read spanish... but it appears like you read english.

Is there a way I can translate using forum tools?

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Thank you for the question @mdhutchinson!


If you are still encountering this error, I’m thinking the first step to get more information on what is happening would be to review the journal recorded when the error occurred.


If this doesn’t lead to an answer as to what is going on, could you attach the journal?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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