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Access from revit 2021 to a BIM360

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Access from revit 2021 to a BIM360

Hi people, I cant access to my projects in BIM360 when I try to opent it from my Revit. The files appear in the browser but I cant touch it.

I dont have problems accesing to the information in the BIM360 platform with my user or open any other revit file stored in my PC.

Thank you for your help


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in reply to: hansbarrantes

1. it is a cloud worksharing file?

2. ask your admin to gives you authorization to edit in BIM360

3. and check if the DESIGN module is enable to you (you need that licence)

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To add to @Yien_Chao's comment. It could also be that you are trying to open the Revit model from the wrong Revit version. BIM360/ACC projects are version specific and will not display in a Revit version that is not the same as the design model's version.


Hope that helps!

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