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Access Denied to Central File

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Access Denied to Central File

Hello all,


Currently we are working on a project and a central file was created on the server.


One of my colleagues is working offline most of the time via synchronisation with the server regulary.


I am responsible for revisioning up the model and I am working via LAN network directly in the office. Yesterday a new revision was created and my colleague is not able to create a local file neither offline through his office remotely nor from the LAN connection(when a cable is plugged) with the server. He is getting error message ''access denied''(see attached picture).


I made some reading for mapping or worksharing but nothing seems to be working. The mapping is for both of us the same, the worksharing is enabled as well.


So we are thinking that something is a problem with the offline thing that he is using. Something to note is that for the previous revisions it was working without any issues.


I have created several times new central file but it is not working. His ''create new local'' tick box is grey all the time



Any help will be appreciated.




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I had a very similar issue yesterday. I am working on a project together with an architect at the same office with a LAN setup, synchronizing to a central file in our server.

After I upgraded the central file from 2015 to 2016, my colleague also had the "create new local" box greyed out. We did not find a the reason for this and after an hour trying, I ended up creating a local file in my workstation, using his username, then saving it in his local folder. At least he is able to work and synchonize now. 


What version are you using?

Rene Pellicer Garcia
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