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ACC Docs Batch Permission Rights

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ACC Docs Batch Permission Rights

We have a project where we added 15 companies on ACC Docs. WE have around a few hundred different folders. From these 15 companies and the few hundred folders, we have 2 companies that only need VIEW access to ONE folder.


Batch adding permissions is not implemented yet. the only available function is that we can add either "EVERYONE" or individually each company. If I add EVERYONE, I cannot set the rights individually from company to company, WHICH I WOULD EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO! I must set the permissions for all the other hundreds of folders manually, one by one, so that these two companies do not get included in the allowed list, instead of selecting all folders, clicking "Everyone" and then kicking out the company that I do not need. I need to spend two days doing something that I could clear in 1 second if this function would be implemented.


How is this not implemented yet? Or if it is, please share some further resources on how this can be achieved.




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