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A360 Revit collaboration

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A360 Revit collaboration



My firm has purchased collaboration for revit, I have the serial number and the product key but its been longer than 24 hours and our purchaser hasnt received a download link for the product. I found a page to download the product but it doesnt ever prompt me for serial or key?

I have downloaded this EXE but it doesnt do anything.

What am I missing?






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in reply to: Anonymous

its not supposed to prompt for a serial number

do you have r2 installed for Revit 2016

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in reply to: DarrenP

I have updates 1-4 installed.

If I try to use the A360 collaborate button on the program it tells me I need to purchase the product.

I am really confused at how this app, extra addin or whatever it is supposed to work.

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in reply to: Anonymous

C4R is a service entitlement, so the "subscrioption" to it gets added to your account. If you are the account administrator, you can go to, and in that page after signing in, you can find your name in the list of named users and "check on" the box next to your name for C4R. this will assign a license to you. conversely, this is the same way you can take away your C4R license and assign it to someone else.

If you are not the Admin, then that person needs to go do that for you. The manage.autodesk,.com page will list all of the assets the company owns, and who they are assigned to.

hope that helps!

Scott D Davis
Sr AEC Technical Specialist

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