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a360 local creation process

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a360 local creation process

hi everyone


I would like to know what is the background process when users make local files from centrals on A360 cloud?


How does C4r use internet bandwidth?


Can we set priorities to C4r so that its data get pushed through first?


Could there be a simpler "download" method for creating a local file for C4r?


Can we please have a progress bar that will display the download progress, Cache building progress, anything that will display the progress of the local file creation?


How does Antivirus affect this Local file creation process?


My reasons for this is that i am having users who do not have any trouble creating new locals from A360 cloud based projects. Some users the C4r uses all available bandwidth others only use 20Kbps, even when the IT department has prioritised that user's internet access.


I really need answers to these questions. It does not go down well with clients when my answer to them is "I don't know", because I don't and cant find this information or I am just looking in the wrong place?








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