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A360 linked corrupt file

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A360 linked corrupt file

I have a revit structural model that has an architectural model linked in.  Both are hosted on A360.  But when I try to reload the arch model I get an error message that the file is corrupt and can't be loaded.  BUT the rest of my project team using revit structure doesn't have that issue.  They are able to load it in fine.  I checked and both the architect and I are running the same version of revit (, update 5 for R2).  My other co-workers have update 4R2.  Would appreciate any help.

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This sound like the local cached model on this system might be damaged for some reason....


1. Check that your local c-disk have enough space and are not getting full.

2. Clear out the local cached copy of this model. Follow the instructions in this article to locate the files on your system and to delete them.


Note that after deleting the local cached files, it's going to take longer that usual to open the model the first time...



If you need help, please post a Revit journal here from an attempt to open the files and I will try to point you to what files you need to delete.




Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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That worked.  It took deleting the file in the PACCache folder.  I had deleted the collaboration cache first, but didn't see step 5 regarding the PACCache folder.  Once it deleted it out of there and reloaded, I was able to open the linked model.

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