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A360 Deleting files

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A360 Deleting files

I am having a lot of trouble.....i deleted a bunch of A360 Revit files using the website and logging in.... i am a project admin on A360 ( so i know that isnt the issue) but when i open up revit and go to the A360 folder using Revit 2016, all the files i have deleted using the website are still there in the Revit 2016 A360....i dont know what to do.

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Hi Wesley,

Are these Revit Collaboration files? Let us know if this is the case and we will move this to the Revit Collaboration Forum.

Thanks for getting us more details.
Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Beta Programs!

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Hi bud.


Yes they are Revit Collaboration Files


thank you

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Thanks, I will move your message over so the Revit guys can jump in.

Thanks for letting us know.
Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Beta Programs!

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Hi There, 


The Revit team will jump in on this thread as Bud stated earlier, however, in the mean time, I was able to find the below steps that helped a few other customers that i see had the same issue (i believe).


  • open the model you want to delete
  • perform a SWC with no changes
  • close the model
  • publish the model
  • after the publish completes try to delete the model.


related Forum post HERE.

Brett Wright
Community Manager
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in reply to: BrettWright

thanks @BrettWright!


@wwhang one other point I would add is that Revit models using Collaboration for Revit should always be deleted from the "Manage Cloud Models" dialog in Revit and never from the web site.  This is usually what causes this condition in the first place.



Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager

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