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A360 | collaboration in Revit 2015 UR9 - unable to open central file

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A360 | collaboration in Revit 2015 UR9 - unable to open central file

Hi there, 


I´m working from my office in an A360 central model using all of us (people in different countries) Revit 2015 UR9 Build:20150702_1515(x64).

Since yesterday, suddenly I´m not being able to enter the central model from my usual computer using my usual 'raul_eh' autodesk account.

Please find attached the screen capture that show the message I get when opening the central model: 'A serious error has occured. The current action has been cancelled'.


It´s odd because the rest of the team is still able to enter the A360 today and work and synchronize without having any trouble.

The strangest thing is that, from my computer, I can open the central model using one of my colleague´s Autodesk account. And my colleague can open the central model using his computer and my Autodesk account.

Kind of a tongue twister here 🙂


I´ve tried re-installing the Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit 2015, updating it to its latest version, the central model has been audited and purged, our IT providers have not been able to detect any connection problems in my computer so, in the end, it looks like there might be something wrong with 'my account in my computer'.


Hope you can give me a hand at this,

Thank you very much in advance.





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Hi Raúl,


Sonds like something might have gone bad with the local cached rvt file(s). It's cached per user and that would explaing why you can open it if you log in as a different user on the same system or that your login works on another system.


Please refer to the following kb-articles and clean the cached files for this model:


Clear a corrupt/damaged C4R model from the system

Collaboration for Revit: Finding local copies of files


Could you also post or PM me a Revit journal file from a session where you had the error, it might give some insight to what might have happened to the local file(s)




Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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That was exactly what was happening, corrupted cache files.
Thanks a lot.

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