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A360 Collaboration for Revit Licensing

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A360 Collaboration for Revit Licensing

For the third time, my company has purchased, but yet unable to utilize/access an additional A360 Collaboration for Revit license.  We started with two annual and one quarterly subscriptions.  It was a week+ after receiving notification that our purchase was complete that we were able to acctually assign the licenses to users and set up a hub.  Apparently the Autodesk Support folks who handle the C4R licensing will only communicate through email.  Eventually the issues were resolved and we got up and running. 


Then we purchased a second quarterly license.  Again there were licensing issues and complications due to who whose email address the license was assigned to and who was assigned software coordinator and software administrator.  While we were able to assign that license and utilize it, I still get a message saying 'You have a new contract not assigned to any A360 Team hub.' that I am unable to resolve.


We just ordered a monthly C4R subscription and once again more licensing issues and we are unable to assign the license.  Once again I called autodesk support, got a case number, and was told I'll receive an email from the mysterious folks who manage the C4R licenses.


The process should not be this difficult.  I should be able to add C4R licenses and add folks to a project as needed without having to call Autodesk Support each time.


How can I prevent this from happening in the future?  Is anyone else experiencing these types of issues?


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Just to close this case out,


Mike Beale and I have been working with Terry offline to ensure that he's the contract manager on all his C4R entitlements as well will see the last one purchased yesterday by later on this afternoon.


Terry, please let us know if you have any other questions re: C4R here in the Revit Collaboration Forum.



Brett Wright
Community Manager

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