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A360 C4R linking AutoCAD files

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A360 C4R linking AutoCAD files

I have been told that AutoCAD files can not be stored on the A360 C4R project site.  Is that actually the case?  How do I deal with linked AutoCAD files if so?


For example, we often have an AutoCAD based site plan linked to our Revit model as an underlay for the model.  I have an existing Revit master site central file that links in three seperate Revit building model central files.  In addition there is an AutoCAD civil/site plan linked in.  What can I expect when I upload this project to A360 C4R?

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in reply to: tjones1410

The following article has information on this topic (with three possible approaches):
Collaboration for Revit: Non-Revit file link with Collaboration for Revit

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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We are running into the same issue here. I read the article provided by Lance and would like to know if anyone can elaborate on the last option "Setup a cloud synchronized share (e.g. Box, Dropbox, Onedrive, etc.) to maintain updated linked files on each system." Does it mean using Box Sync or similar to store the files on the C: drive of every user? This won't give a consistent path for the linked files. 

Thanks for your help.

Damian Serrano, AIA
Design Technology Manager
HHCP Architects
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in reply to: tjones1410

Not ideal, but a workaround I'm using:  Import CAD files into Generic Model families and load those into the project.  The ability to link CAD files (and point cloud data) stored on A360 would be at the top of my list for added features.

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in reply to: swilson

I tried linking floor plans into a blank revit model, uploaded that and linked the model containing only the DWG files into my working Revit model.  Seemed to work as another option.

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Very cleaver. Great idea. Thank you

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in reply to: richcrawford6587

Sounds good but, is the CAD file bound to the revit file? How would it be any different than linking it straight into the central (main revit) file? Not sure how others would be able to see the linked CAD file if its linked off the C4R.

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