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A360 C4R- linked models in A360 Problem

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A360 C4R- linked models in A360 Problem

HI Everyone


Might be a user error or A360 error but here is the problem.


We have structural and architectural models loaded in a360 c4r. Our models are linked into each other and worked on live.


Problem is, some models link the arch model into the structural nicely, some have a problem linking live.. When I go in the struct model (im on the architectural side and moderator of the hub and project) i go in and press reload in the manage links command and it works perfectly after for them.


Structural cannot do this on some days.


Is it the way they open it or another problem


Some days they open it from the recent files start page, some days they open it from file>open>project>model


Please let me know your thoughts.



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Sounds like the loading of the linked model, or more specifically the updating of the linked model via downloaded deltas, is sporadically failing for some of your users.  We need to confirm this before we can go further.  The best way is to post a journal file from a Revit session that experiences the error during a load operation.



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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