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a problem ocurred. The rendering service could not complete your request.

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a problem ocurred. The rendering service could not complete your request.

Hello everyone and thanks for helping. the problem that is presented to me is in revit 2019 and in 2017 versions , when trying to render in the cloud ... I have tried with several files and even with the example file preloaded in revit but nothing works. I have tried several alternatives dictated in different forums and questions previously asked by other users ... I have tried deactivating the firewall and the antivirus, also try adding the trusted sites in the firewall configuration ... i trid to render in cloud introducing 2 diferents autodesk accounts in 2 diferents computers but nothing works... I have tried actions from the following links: file-could-not-be-uploaded.html


its very strange becouse i rendered this project before without any inconvenient in revit 2017 version but since i install the 2019 version on the other pc, all be bad news. attached the 2017 version journal maybe for more comprension of the action.


I appreciate the help you can give me large.pngCapturar.JPG




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