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3d views

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3d views

Something has happened this weekend to make my one 3d view wireframe.  It doesn't matter if I change from hidden to shaded to realistic.  All views are wireframe.  Also when I choose 3d view in the toolbar it just shows a blank screen.  I cannot see any of the boxes for crop view, crop region visible, annotation crop, or section box.  I have turned on and off the lightbulb icon on the bottom toolbar and none of those boxes appear.  

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Hello @sblanckRRBM9 thank you for the question!


I’ve seen behavior like you are describing when elements in the model exceed the 20 mile limit.


Try going through the following steps to find the element(s) causing the issue:

  1. Open the 3D view which is just showing a blank screen.
  2. Turn on the display of the Project Base Point PBP (and possibly Survey Point SP).
  3. Zoom in on the PBP to find the geometry. (If you don’t find geometry near the PBP, try looking for it near the SP.)
  4. Once you find the model geometry draw a crossing selection (right to left) over all of the geometry.
  5. Look for any of the selected elements with extremely large bounding boxes.
    1. If found these may be causing the issue.
    2. If not found continue with the following steps.
  6. Temporarily hide the selected elements.
  7. Zoom to Extents.
  8. Draw a crossing selection box over the entire drawing area (blank screen).
  9. Open the Filter dialog and uncheck the PBP or SP if selected.
  10. The remaining items selected would be those that are far from the rest of your geometry.


You could delete the items found or try moving them closer to the rest of the geometry.

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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