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2019 360 design collaboration - Upstream service signaled an error

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2019 360 design collaboration - Upstream service signaled an error

I published all of the models at 1am.  I'm trying to share them now.  I'm not seeing any of the the little spiny wheels.  I picked on the updated to latest.  When I create the package it's fine but when I pick on the share button I'm getting an error that says "An Upstream Service Request Signaled an Error" and it fails.  

I see nothing on the Heath Website about any issues.  

Anyone else experience this?

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in reply to: dtpeter2901

I've tried to publish my model 4 times.

I'm still getting the same warning.

I'd really like to get an answer on what this means and how to fix it.


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in reply to: dtpeter2901

So I was able to get a solution.


Turns out that the Share Option has a limit of sharing the same model more than 50 times if no changes have been made.  I would have thought that if you publish latest on all of your models, and wait for everything to get updated on the the Design Collaboration tab, that the package that you share would just put publishing the Detlas instead of the whole.  Or if you tried to publish a model that was the exact same as the last time, it simply wouldn't be included.  However that's not the case.  So if you run into this error, check the last updated date.  If the model hasn't been updated, simply don't include it.  


As a BIM Coordinator, I find this portion of the process very frustrating.  I'm working as someone that basically has to babysit file management as there's no option to automatically create and share packages.  I'm still looking for an option to publish models Daily and Share the same set of models daily.  To me this is something that sounds like it should be easily doable by Autodesk.  AS a coordinator, I'm working on 15 projects at a time or more.  These simple automation steps would be a god sent to anyone in my position as I'd no longer need to verify everything that's published, then create packages, then share packages.  Again it's a simple ask and a huge time saver.  Hell create a second tier of a collaboration seat for Coordinators and users.  You could easily charge me an extra $500 a year for a seat that allows me to automate this.  End slight rant.  And thanks to Todd Nicholas at Adesk for getting back to me.

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