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Wall visibility off project-wide - walls still exist in the project

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Wall visibility off project-wide - walls still exist in the project

The walls in a project I am working on are no longer visible—this seems to have happened over the weekend, and I expect it is some glitch, but I can't find a way to solve it. 


All windows, doors, and other wall-hosted items are still visible and have not been deleted from the project. Wall finishes, such as a brick pattern, are visible, but we can see straight through to the interior of the building. 


We have checked all visibility issues and the checklist I have seen on here a couple of times of the 33 items to check regarding visibility. I made a wall schedule and was able to confirm that all walls are in the project and in the right phase + workset. Again, this is project-wide—3D, plans, elevations, sections, everything. Any advice would be appreciated. 



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somewhere in this list of 33 is an answer and your salvation:

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Hi, as I said, we went through that list, and our issue is not there. It's some kind of glitch or interference in the project. It is happening for all users as well.  There are multiple linked files and worksets, and it is a large project. I wondered if anyone had encountered anything similar and found a solution. 

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