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Tags for Legend Components?

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Tags for Legend Components?

Is there any way to tag a legend component? I'm trying to draw a "door types" drawing which shows the elevation of each type of door and I want to be able to place a title under each door that displays the door type mark. This is a very standard type of drawing that architects draw for almost every project and..after all...what could be more basic to a legend component then to be able to label it?


Now I use text to label each type of door...but if someone changes the door type mark and fails to update the legend also....I get a very un-Revit-like mis-coordination with my door schedule!


Hoping I'm missing something here,


James LeVieux

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You're not missing anything. What you have seen is what Legends can do, so far. They are very limited. It is not possible to tag those doors, it is not possible to create section views or detail views or callouts, etc.




  1. Do your door elevation types as real model elevations of your doors. Some users change doors to a previous phase that happens before new construction, to achieve these views without having to isolate the doors from everything else.

  2. A third party solution. Dynamic Legends from Tools4Revit, can create a legend that can displays the elevation of the door along with the parameters of that door, such as the door type mark, as if it was a schedule.

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in reply to: Alfredo_Medina

This is such a fundamental BIM requirement, and something identified by Revit users for years!  Who wants to add all the information to door types etc. as dumb text, not linked to the model.  It's a recipe for errors.


Let's hope Autodesk wake up to the need soon.


We have used a workset for this purpose in the past, but Visibility/Graphics settings for Schedules do not allow for the schedule workset to be hidden, so you end up having to add a 'do not schedule' parameter.


Meanwhile I am looking at using design options as a temporary workaround.


Here's hoping...

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in reply to: Alfredo_Medina

This is definitely not solved.

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in reply to: m.i.m.o

Thanks for your post, it draws attention to the issue.


No it is not solved after all this time


please Autodesk!

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in reply to: Anonymous

I think it unacceptable that a program working with information, not this can show

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Legends are 'dumb'. Just accept this. I think what is causing most peoples frustration is Autodesk's terminology deeming these as 'legend views'. 


See these view for what they are; a rare type of view in Revit, that allows it to be placed multiple times on sheets. Now you may think, 'your an idiot' thats what a legend is, well no, because as has been pointed out, it can't sync the data from the model. 


Use these views for things that don't have to be synchronised with model information such as general notes, stamps or office standards that don't change. 


There are a number of workarounds, such as design options & phases that have already been mentioned. Whilst not perfect, if you spend a little time refining them, they can work quite well.

Also, don't rule out tweaking your workflows a little. Revit is a tool, so make the tool work for you.


I think its funny we have gone from manualling coordinating everything for years to 'Revit should coordinate EVERYTHING!'. Well, yes that is what they are aiming for, but for now, how about a little of both? If you know of a perfect software, point me to it! 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Sure would be right if a program is in Beta version , but not a program that has over 10 years in the market and updated annually , plus everyone pays a not inconsiderable sum for a program that can supposedly tag all information model.

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in reply to: Anonymous

One program cant do it all, you are correct.

But if I had to pick between lets say, calculating the fiber reinforcement necessary for my the structural slabs or tagging legends.

I think I would go with tagging items in legends.


Doing the extra phase workaround shuffle works, and when I already have eight phases with as many design options and linking as many models, whats another phase to keep track of right?


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in reply to: Anonymous

Legend views are NOT "dumb".  It is the only view type in Revit which you can place legend components.  Legend components DO sync with model components. Unfortunately, these smart components still can not be tagged. This is the frustrating part, but it certainly beats using "dumb" views and other workarounds...

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in reply to: bimovation

Hi Rizzo, I was being a little flippant when I said 'dumb'. But I still stand by the comments I made. You are right there is some sync ability with components, but what frustrates people most is the ability to not be able to tag or use parameter data. Considering the software we are in, this is the "dumb" part. 

I am still using phasing, it works really well and it eliminates coordination I would otherwise have to do with legends. 


Recently Autodesk released the "Ideas" forum. I suggest everyone go and check it out. This idea about legends was posted, so you can help out by voting for it!


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Yes there is, finally i figured an easy way! It doesnt work for walls but you can use it for any other families,


you should create a Label in the Plan View of the family like a Tag and add a parameter to it's visibility, then import the family to the project and you gonna see the tag in every plan view.


now by duplicating the family and creating a new one type, you can also change the tag number!


then you need to add a global parameter to control all the tags for these families, just turn in on whenever you wanna print the Legend Sheet,


btw, in this way you dont need to tag your doors and windows in the plans views anymore!!


see attached!!Window Legend with Tag

Tags (1)
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I know this is an old thread, but I came up with a work around for this some time ago and never got around to following up to see if anyone else was doing this. I was able to get pretty close to having a 'tag' and a type description appear automatically in a door legend by using Model Text.


Model text will do 3 things regular text won't - it can be aligned,it can be tied to a text parameter, and it can be assigned to a subcategory.

So, in the door family, I placed 2 instances of model text below the door in the front elevation.  I then aligned and locked both to the left/right center reference plane. 

The next step was to link the first model text instance to the built in type comments parameter, and the second model text instance to the built in description parameter. 


Following that, I created a subcategory called 'legend', and added it to both.

Once in the project environment, I turned off the legend subcategory (under doors in visibility/graphic overrides) in all views except for the door legend. This prevents the model text from showing up in your plans, elevations, and 3D views. 


From there, it's just a matter of using the type comments as family type - clever scheduling can make that an easy task, requiring very little monitoring for accuracy. The one big rub is you have to use the front elevation in your legend view, or the model text will be reversed.


I'm attaching a screen shot showing the model text and the properties box to help explain. Its not a magic bullet, but it does give you some decent control of door legends and eliminates the need for using plain text to show type and description.


I'd be interested to know if anyone else has taken this route to work around legend limitations.

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in reply to: Anonymous

I'd still have to agree with the frustrated crowd though.  It is now the back end of 2018.  I might be able to make a casework legend with more ease in AutoCAD.  Why do we have to complain for 15 years and then vote for something so basic in this software?

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in reply to: sean

@sean wrote:

I'd still have to agree with the frustrated crowd though.  It is now the back end of 2018.  I might be able to make a casework legend with more ease in AutoCAD.  Why do we have to complain for 15 years and then vote for something so basic in this software?

Explore Assembly and Assembly views.  They can be used to substitute Legends of model components.

Toan Nguyen
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in reply to: sean

Please Autodesk, fix Legend Views!

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in reply to: Anonymous

damo3 if we all took the attitude that things are the way they are, they will not improve and we should just get used to it we could stop paying Autodesk upgrade fees and stick with one 'final' version of Revit. This arguement has been around since I can remember in 20+ years of autocad/desk forums and it rings really hollow. Before someone brings it up I'm guessing this could be accomplished in dynamo or paid for in a third party app. I'm not interested in becoming a software developer in my 'spare' time or paying any extra to add simple functionality to an already expensive software suite.  


This cannot be that hard, the legend view objects are obviously linked to the Families, if you change family attributes they update, so all we need is the ability to add a tag. It really cannot be that hard.  Then again look how long text and stair changes took and the 'improved' state they were left in.

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in reply to: Anonymous

2020 has been released and this functionality is still not available. Over 7 years since this topic was first posted and nobody from Autodesk has replied. Nice

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in reply to: M.Dougan

Very frustrating!


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in reply to: sjfountain

Yes, sounds simple. When can we have it?


My workaround for Wall types, is to create a schedule parred down to just show one of each type being used, and drop that on the same sheet with the legend containing any non-associated info. At least the schedule is linked.


I hadn't thought before, but I suppose you could narrow it down so a schedule listed the info for just a single type and place it on the sheet under each door. Automated content at least, but not directly linked to the image of the door.

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