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Scheduling Furniture in Rooms from Linked Files

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09-16-2012 01:35 PM

I am working to schedule all the furniture and other interior items of a rather large project.  For legal reasons (different project numbers and so on) I must work in a seperate file from the original building file. 


I have linked in the building file and placed the furniture.  However, when I create a schedule, the room names and numbers do not show up in the schedule.  I get a blank field instead.


I have checked the option to make the link "room bounding" and the option in the schedule to include linked files.  But Revit still doesn't "see" that the furniture is located within the linked rooms.


The current solution I am using is to copy all the room volumes from the linked file into the file I am working in.  Then they will show up in the schedule.  This is messy and creates "dead" objects that of course do not update when the building file is updated.


Are there any better solutions to this problem?  Perhaps this is an improvment to wish for in 2014?

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Re: Scheduling Furniture in Rooms from Linked Files

09-19-2012 06:00 AM in reply to: maedae

Revit will not report the Room Name/Number from the link in regards to the location of elements in the main Project File. I would recommend marking the link for 'Room Bounding' (as you have done) and then placing Spaces in each of the Rooms. In conjunction with the Space Naming Utility (found on the Autodesk Subscription Center) you should be able to easily report the locations in the Furniture Schedule according to the Space Names instead.


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Re: Scheduling Furniture in Rooms from Linked Files

03-06-2013 06:57 AM in reply to: CADastrophe

I am having a similar problem scheduling light fixtures.  The fixtures are in our Revit model in which the rooms are linked in from the architects model.


You mention to use the space naming utility, but that only works for Revit MEP.  I am using Revit Architecture 2013.


If I do a room schedule (with the "include elements from linked files" box checked), the room names and numbers from the architect's model show up no problem.   However, if I do the same thing in a light fixture schedule, I get the appropriate number of empty spaces where the room names and numbers should be, however Revit refuses to populate those spaces with the room names and numbers. 


A multi-category schedule show the rooms on different lines that the light fixtures.


Is there any way possible to get the room names and numbers into a light fixture schedule?


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Re: Scheduling Furniture in Rooms from Linked Files

12-10-2013 12:33 PM in reply to: cstewart


The folks working on the furniture model in our office have simply loaded the building model as a group and created the schedule with room information. It's messy, but it works. Our studio uses Revit Architecture so there is no option to use spaces. I am still looking for a better way though. Man Wink


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