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Save changes prompt when switching between open files

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Save changes prompt when switching between open files

Hey there!

It's a bit of a strange one that I am not even sure how to exactly describe but I will do my best!

This is something that was not like this before and it has recently somehow changed. Let's say I have two families open. If I save Family 01 I can close it without a prompt showing "Do you want to save the changes" as I have just saved it right? And if I then leave this family open without changing it, I will get reminders to save but I can still close it anytime I want without that "Do you want to save the changes" window popping up as no changes have been made.

Well, recently what started happening is that even changing between tabs of different files registers somehow as a change of the file and it prompts me to save those changes every time.

For example, I save Family 01, tab to see Family 02 on another open tab, go back to Family 01 and now Revit tells me that I have made changes to Family 01 and need to resave it.

I am not sure if anybody has ever experienced this before but it is driving me insane. Hopefully, it's an easy fix!

Thank you!

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I'm not sure, but I think the message is only triggered if you open a file (from disk), whether it's a project- or family file. If you open a family from within a project, I don't think it will keep track of time...

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Thanks for your reply. At the moment it does trigger once the files are open and I just swap around from tab to tab, it is driving me crazy as it was not like this before. Maybe I will try to reinstall it...

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