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S-Bend Beam Meeting at Tangents

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S-Bend Beam Meeting at Tangents

I'm trying to make a beam that follows this curve:

This curve is sketched on a work plane defined by a grid line. The beam goes on the same plane with a slight Yoffset.This curve is sketched on a work plane defined by a grid line. The beam goes on the same plane with a slight Yoffset.


So, I get out the beam tool, I choose the "pick lines" drawing option, and I click on one of the curves. I get this:


So far so good. That's exactly what I expect to happen. We have half of the curve down, so I click on the other half and this happens:


Why on Earth would Revit assume that this is what I want to do? If I select either beam it has the audacity to tell me that the extension/cutback is zero on both ends. It's just decided to draw the beams on some imaginary curve other than the one that I picked. And no, there are no other curves that could have been selected by mistake. Certainly none that would make this result make sense.


If I try to draw the beams using the other draw tools the same thing happens. If I try to move the shape handles to get closer to what I indended, I can't actually snap to the tangent point between the two arcs. When I try to eyeball it, I get this:


It's not snapped to the tangent point, and I can't make the edges of the beams join up despite the fact that the curves themselves are tangent to each other.


So, how do I go about just making a beam based on that original curve in the first screenshot?

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What's that green line?  Are you sure the Beam is actually following that line? 


Why not sketch the Beam with Spline?  

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in reply to: rsmarrelli

Edit Beam/Column Join?   








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in reply to: barthbradley

So, this is embarrassing, but my actual problem was that the model lines I based it on were imperceptibly off-tangent. It all worked once I fixed that.


Now, this still doesn't explain why Revit makes the assumption that I want to curve the beams in the opposite direction, and your suggestion about beam/column joins may address that, but I don't really have time to experiment with it.


Thanks anyway for the suggestions.

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in reply to: rsmarrelli

I think you may have an easier go of it by doing the Beams outside of Group Edit Mode and Adding them to the Group afterwards.  


BTW: Beams have a direction. That's in their DNA, so to speak.  

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