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Revit 2025, leaders hiding text issue

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Revit 2025, leaders hiding text issue

My only assumption is that that happened when upgrading to 2025. We have callouts redlined for missing text, but when I drag the text box to make it larger the hidden text appears. 


Anyone else have this issue? I've posted a video showing what happens.

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in reply to: Ian_H

Not sure what I'm supposed to see in that mp4. Looks like you are resizing text box to make "typ" visible/invisible.  Okay. So, what's the issue?  

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in reply to: barthbradley

The issue is that when we last printed a set, in 2024, all of the text was visible. Now in 2025 there are parts of the text that is invisible. I have to go to each text box and resize it for it to show the text. I'm not looking forward to having to go to every text box in the project and resize it to show the text that is hidden. 

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in reply to: barthbradley

Okay, I figured out the issue. This past week I had to reformat my computer and start fresh because of some looping blue screens of death. I had not installed the font that we use in our projects and the font it was defaulting to was slightly larger so it wasn't fitting. I installed the font all seems to be well now. 

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