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Revit 2024 Project Browser constatnly freezing

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Revit 2024 Project Browser constatnly freezing

Hi, does anyone also have this annoying problem? The newly installed Revit 2024 project browser keeps freezing and becomes non-responsive no matter what I do. I can move, pin/unpin the window but cannot select anything in it. Sometimes if I have a second model open, the contents of that browser get suspended in the first open model as well. I tried suggested solutions in topics on this forum such as opening and closing the options menu, turning hardware acceleration on and off, changing browser organisation temporarily and then reverting, but none worked. I have the latest drivers for my graphics card and am using the same display scale on both the laptop monitor and the external one. This usually happens when I open a second Revit model file but sometimes it happens unexpectedly too.


I would appreciate it if someone had a working solution for this annoying issue.



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Thanks for the link but as I mentioned in my post I already tried all of those solutions and none have worked so far.

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Open a support ticket through your autodesk.manage account then.  Let us know what they say.  

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Hi, this has started doing this with myself running Revit 2024 v Project browser completely freezes and cannot select any views or sheets etc. All other tabs, etc work fine. Any update on a solution.

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Unfortunately, I couldn't find a solution yet @graeme.turnerX679H. I've been having this problem since version Upgrading to version (which is the one I'm using right now) has not solved it either. And to be honest I'm not sure if Autodesk has a working solution for this in the newest version

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I have just installed Version, so will see if this has been addressed or not soon enough.



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