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Revit 2022 Non-Core Layer issues

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Revit 2022 Non-Core Layer issues


Count me as a user who was very happy to finally see the ability to turn off all non-core layers in floor plan views.(mostly just to be able to turn off integral sweeps)

However, there are a couple of issues I just discovered with this new feature that are difficult to overcome and I'm hoping these great users out there will be able to help me.

  1. When the Non-Core Layers is checked off, inserted windows and doors still show their frame geometry extending to the finish faces of the walls that are now "turned off". This occurs when in medium or fine detail levels, making for a door or window element that protrudes well beyond the core - on exterior and interior. This (in my opinion) looks awful at output. See image 1
  2. Dimensions cannot be snapped to the end of a wall when the Non-Core Layers is checked off in VV or VG. See image 2. To dimension to the ends of a wall, you must go into VV or VG, check that box back to on (to display the non-core layers), go dimension the wall to the end, then go back to VV VG and uncheck it. It is a work around but not very efficient or user friendly.
    1. My thinking is this may correlate to an existing issue of dimensions to ends of walls snapping to the finishes on a wall end when "Wrapping at Ends" is activated as "interior" or "exterior" even when "faces of core" is selected - actually any dimension setting.

Not sure if anyone out there already know of remedies to either of these issues, so I'll keep looking and testing.

Thank you!


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in reply to: BarryBinns

1. If your doors and windows don't show as your liking then you need to modify the families and utilize subcategories and/or coarse/medium/fine detail levels to control the graphics of elements in a way that you can turn on/off vis VG in projects.  There is no way for Revit to automatically change how your doors and windows appearance just by you turning on/off non-core layers of walls category.


2. You can place dimensions to end of wall by select the wall and click on the temporary dimension to make it permanent, then drag the witness line to where you want.




Toan Nguyen
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in reply to: ToanDN

Thank you for your response,

1. It is not feasible for our small office to modify all our existing content in order to make a new program feature work. We tested the out of the the box content and those families have the same issue. I suggested that "coarse" detail level corrects it, but it also goes back to the full wall dimensions with all layers included which we don't want making use of the non-core layers checkbox pointless. With that, I thank you for your insight and suggestions but we'll just have to continue using Revit as we have since this feature is not really a benefit for us. We've been asking Autodesk for years for the ability to turn off integral wall sweeps on the Revit ideas forum and they have never corrected that major oversight. I thought this non-core layer check box was a step in that direction but am once again disappointed.

2. The temporary to permanent dimensions conversion is a great suggestion and is something I should know! -thank you for that. 

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in reply to: BarryBinns

1. Being able to turn off non-core layers is not pointless. Wood and metal framers would appreciate if you could give them a drawing showing only wall studs for clarity. In the past, you would have to go with some workaround such as creating parts from walls.
2. Door and window frames are what they are whether you turn on or turn off non-core layers of the walls. In other words, they don't change to a different frame before and after you install sheetrock on the framing. What would you expect the door/window frame to look when you turn off non-core layers?

Toan Nguyen
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in reply to: BarryBinns

I've run into the same issue. I turned off non core layers however inserted windows and doors still show their frame geometry extending to the finish faces of the walls that are now "turned off" - Even if doors and windows are turned off in the visibility graphics. Hovering my mouse over the geometry shows it's part of the wall.

ex 1.png

ex 2.png

ex 3.png

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in reply to: BarryBinns

Update: I found that if I turned off windows and doors in the VG, and then changed the Wall Projection to white, I can no longer see the offending frames.



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in reply to: MSAD-NV

Where do you change the Wall Projection?

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in reply to: Morten.HagerEF8JC

It's under Visibility Graphics. I've included a screenshot.

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in reply to: BarryBinns

Hi I love this new feature very useful when documenting partition dimensioning plans. The only limtation is that our building is an oval shape and the curved walls - low or heigh walls - becoming fully hidden when turning Non-Core Layer off. Is this a limitation or it needs a further working out solution?

Appreciating in advance to whom could put some light in this problem

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Are you in a Coarse View?  Change to Medium or Fine.  

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Thank you for your advice I will try it today and let you know cheers

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I have the same problem. As soon as I hide layers outside the core, the outline of the door is drawn to the finsh layer:



Agrarbau - Industrie- und Gewerbebau - Behälterbau - Stahlbau - Nagelplatten - Hausbau

Oswald Fabian
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in reply to: BarryBinns

My problem is that I can't seem to control the walls which are on another level - i.e. when I extend the view depth or use an underlay. the filter doesn't apply to the below walls 😞

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