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Revision clouds - show most recent cloud on each sheet

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Revision clouds - show most recent cloud on each sheet

Feel like it's a long shot but hoping there has been an update as I've been aware of this issue since 2013...


I'm trying to show the most recent revision cloud per sheet, NOT most recent in project. I still want the revisions to be listed on the sheet.


For example, my project has 3 sheets - sheet 1, 2 and 3. My project also has 3 revisions - revision A, revision B, and revision C. On Sheet 1, it has revision A. On Sheet 2, it has A and B. On Sheet 3, it has revisions A, B and C.

If I change revisions A and B to show tag only, Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 will have no revision clouds. I want each individual sheet to show its most recent revision cloud (i.e Sheet 1 shows A's cloud only, Sheet 2 shows B's cloud only, Sheet 3 shows C's cloud only). 


Is there a way to apply revision cloud visibility per sheet, similar to revision numbering per sheet?

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What about Hide Elements (Clouds) in View?   

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I think this will work on small projects, but it doesn't really help manage revisions effectively when there are lots of different revisions to keep track of on several sheets - I think it'll get messy/take a lot of time on larger scale projects I'm working on

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