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nested door facing family fails to load when mirrored in container family

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nested door facing family fails to load when mirrored in container family

Hi All,


I’m trying to create a super flexible casework facing family.  It works, but there is just one more feature that I want that seems to break the family.


The family looks simple enough, but the facing is made of 3 separate nested families; the door panel, the pulls, and the door swing family (which contains no 3D elements).


The family works perfectly, unless it’s constrained in the vertical direction.  If the horizontal ref. planes are deleted, there are no errors when loading the family.  When it’s constrained, only two of the panels (that are mirrored) are affected and fail to load, the others are fine.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated!





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I'm not quite following. I'm looking at your family now. What should I do? Give me step-by-step instructions to break it.  

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in reply to: james.levieux

I have found when loading nested families I try Never to constrain via locking reference planes. I have found it more stable to associate the Height Parameter from the nest to the Height parameter in the parent, rather than aligning and locking it.  May this be the issue?

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in reply to: BDMackey

I'm beginning to think you have correctly identified the problem.  I keep hoping that I can engineer a bulletproof family that can be locked to reference planes.  I want that type of simplicity for the end users who aren't super experts, but need to draw a lot of semi-flexible casework stuff.  I'm losing hope.  I was so close to making it work!  It's a shame that it does work in every way (that I know of) , except when mirrored. 


To me, this issue seems more like a glitch that could be programmatically remedied on Autodesk's end.

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Hi Barth,


When you load the family into a project, two of the nested facing families (the ones that were mirrored) become glitched.

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Unlock all the refrence lines from the casework because it is over constrainted then the mirror part choose 

Show swing construction parameter you created 

Show swing projection parameter you created

Associate them with ex first part name and instance option visibility parameter

As the picture 

Then check uncheck the mirrored part and loading in smooth way 

Accept my answer if it helps you

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