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Issues with the View Property of "Detail" Callouts

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Issues with the View Property of "Detail" Callouts

the problem:

structural column is not visible in detail callout when detail level is set to medium or fine.


the situation:

I am taking a detail view"detail" callout of my building envelope in Revit Architecture 2012. I have applied view template "Architectural Section" with structural column box ticked. Detail level set to Medium, and proper scale chosen.


other facts:

the visibility settings of the structual column family are ticked for visiblity in plan view & when cut in plan/rcp at all detail levels.

the column is visible in the above sinario when detail level is set to coarse.


the question:

what else would effect this sturctural columns visibiliy in the "detail"callout ,only?

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Let's do this through a process of elimination.


Is the callout tag outside of the parent view’s
crop region?


Did you check the "Hide at scales coarser than"?


Just for starters.

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in reply to: Anonymous

maybe I was not able to make the problem clear.


see images >


the issue is not visibility of the callout, the problem is the visibility of the structural column within the view.



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in reply to: Anonymous

This is a known issue.


Try recreating the view as a Floor Plan Callout, and the structural column should appear.


Also, open the column family and make sure that "show pre-cut in plan views" is checked.


See attached.

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