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gbXML not containing changes in model

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gbXML not containing changes in model

Hi all,


I am trying to optimize my Revit model so the gbXML can be used in another software. The strange thing is, that even if I delete hundreds of rooms and constructions, the exported gbXML always has the same file size and contains also the deleted data. I have tried deleting the rooms also from the Roomlists, saving the project under different name each time. But the import into another SW doesn't show any changes made and it is getting frustrating. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


Thanks in advance

EDIT: It seems that this situation does not always occur. At some point, I was able to export e few changed models, but then it stopped again. The difference is, that when I hit the "export to gbXML" and I am instantly offered otpins for export type, the changes will not be included in the export. If it takes a while, however, and it takes time to run throuhj the model before offering the 3 esport options (with a running progressbar), the changes will be implemented.

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