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Extend the arrow beyond the cut mark in the stairs

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Extend the arrow beyond the cut mark in the stairs

Hi, can you please suggest me a way to extend the arrow beyond the cut mark of the stairs in Revit, like so


and probably make the beginnings of the arrow lines contain that little circle.

That's a requirement for the drawings in the CIS countries.


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create a plan region in the portion you want to adjust and change the view range setting value and see if helps. thanks

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Plan Region Stairs 1.png


Plan Region Stairs 2.png



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The arrowhead on the bottom left represents the arrival of a stair from the floor below to the floor on the right. In order for revit to generate that part of the arrow, you need to model the stair below.


Also, the convention when not annotating the up and down directions, is that an arrow shows the direction of a stair going up. You must select the "Fixed Up Direction " and unselect "show up text" and "show down text" .


An overview of different stair symbolic representations can be found here:


Respectfully, all the answers to your situation can be found in the Revit Help under Model the Design|Stairs|Stair Documentation.




Symbolic Representation of Stairs - Revit Help 



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