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Edit straight cable tray - add parameters

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Edit straight cable tray - add parameters


I've been fighting with this issue for days now. I can't find a way to add parameters to cable trays, particularly to the straight part of it. 
I understand those are Revit Standard families and that you can't edit them, as seen in the ScreenShot below (Edit Family button missing).

Added parametersAdded parameters


So, clearly, the cable tray manufacturer added some extra parameters to the cable trays (downloaded from BIM Object). I would like to add some of mine text parameters in there. How do i achieve that if i can't edit the family itself?

Kind regards

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in reply to: Anonymous

For these kind of situations you would have to add project parameters




Please mention Revit version, especially when uploading Revit files.

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in reply to: L.Maas

You, Sir, are a savior! 

Thank you very much for a blazing fast response! I literally spend at least a whole day of work on this matter. 

Thank you! 

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in reply to: Anonymous

So why are electrical parameters treated differently than other trades?  The MP system does great work for mechanical while electrical has been not NOTHING for many years and hasn't changed much since 2014.  Why do we have have to eat dirt and not get any new things because of the pet product improvements in mechanical?  I would also like to have flex conduit and several less hidden parameters that we can't touch.  Mech has a great flex conduit, but can't be seen in our trade?  I hate to have to get ugly about this but good grief, what are we to do with workarounds for so long?  When can we expect more crumbs?  Is Revit going to crash with us being able to have shared params?  Please hire someone who cares.

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in reply to: Anonymous

I can't report parameter's like that because I can't edit the family.  I want a schedule that reports height of a cable tray and since I can't edit family, I can't report.  I want it to change based on its true height.

Would that actually break the family to edit it or are there some reasons we aren't allowed to know?

Screenshot 2023-11-06 155409.png

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