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Detail callout like CAD

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Detail callout like CAD

Is it possible to have a detail callout like how CAD does it? 

I know that with the "Section", you can Reference Other Views and have the "Split Segment" to get this type of graphics. The only issue with that is that the line only goes to the bottom of the callout tag. 

Is there a way to have the line start be flexible? Have it snap to a quadrant of the callout tag? 


Current Revit:

Revit Detail callout.PNG

What I would like to to look like: (CAD)

CAD Detail callout.PNG


I would appreciate any help or information on achieving this.

Thank you

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in reply to: Anonymous

See attached.



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in reply to: ToanDN

Thank you for the fast response. 


Wondering if there is a way to have a little more flexibility with the section tag. 

With this option, i would only be able to utilize this at this direction. Is there a one solution that covers all that would get me the typical condition (image below) and my wishlist?  

Revit Detail callout - straight.PNG
I hope what I am hoping to achieve is being conveyed correctly.

Thank you.

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in reply to: Anonymous

If you want more flexibility then use a View Reference and a symbol with arrow for the tail.  



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