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Design Option organization

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Design Option organization

Is there a way to organize Design Options (alpha numeric) once they have been created.


I work for a large homebuilder and we will have multiple elevations for each floor plan. The elevations are usually labled A, B, C, D etc. If an elevation changes lables, say elevation D becomes elevation B, the order will now be A, D, C, B; they cant be reordered into alphabetical order. Which can become confusing. Make sense? Attached is an example of a basic Design Option from one of my houses. In a typical house we can have 50-60 design options, that can change names over years, and they need to remain in an easily read and sourced order. Thanks for the options.JPG

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in reply to: cevans

At this time, you cannot reorganize the Design Options. 

If you would like this functionality to change, this link is setup for you to submit feature requests, or feedback, directly to our Development group.

I encourage you to use the feedback link as our Development group is always interested and would like to hear your feedback directly, since you are better suited to state the business case for a feature request.

Chris Aquino
Adoption Marketing Manager | BIM Collaborate Pro

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in reply to: Chris.Aquino

Thank you Chris, I've submitted the feature request as well.

(I see this is still not implimented in 2014.)


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in reply to: nikana2000

This still hasn't been implemented in Revit 2016 as far as I can make out.. Surely this isn't a huge ask? Like nikana2000 I have some options named numerically and it would be very helpful to be able to sort them as such, rather than scrolling through countless options looking for the right one.
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in reply to: nikana2000

I have just submitted a request for the above also, in addition to 2) Ability to Schedule Options & Primary State 3) Better API Access to Design Options for 3rd Party Development and 4) A Rules System that would help automate the inclusiong/exclusion of certain options when others are selected during the Lot Specific Process. I could go on, but I digress. Spread the word to all Production & Semi-Custom Home Builders - Submit the requests using the Link above! Give us Residential Folks some love.

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in reply to: dbrainard

Here I am in 2018 Revit, 6 years later, still hoping for a way to re-order design options.  Seriously, what are we paying $80k per year subscription as a company for, I feel like Revit 2018 is pretty close to 2015 with hardly any improvement.

We would also like a way to put paint within different design options so we don't have to copy entire walls into the new design option that has a different wall accent.

Also a hotkey that's customization to toggle the current design option within the set would be great, as well as a way to not make the dropdown menu make everything grey outside that option as well.


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in reply to: AndreRosteing

Andre, I share your sentiments.  Revit is brilliant, but has many shortcomings for which we are paying increasing annual fees for whilst nothing is being done to overcome them!  This is one of the glaringly obvious ones and both you, and the originator of this post, deserve a kudo!  Thank you.

Further there is no point in using the link to post an idea because one of the rules of posting is to see if someone has already made the suggestion, this then brings you back full circle to this post.  What a joke, perhaps I should make a suggestion to have that issue corrected but am not prepared to wait 10 years!!

Andrew Robertson
Chartered Architect
Robertson Partnership
Truro. UK
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in reply to: IMCornish

Years later, still no easy way to do this.  I found a semi-painful workaround though...


When you duplicate design options, they appear at the end of the list.  Using that logic, you can duplicate all options in the right order, and then delete the original ones, and then remove "Copy of" in the names of the new design options.  Not the best/fastest, but it works.

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in reply to: Anonymous

The only issue with that workaround (besides the fact that we need to use a workaround), is that it won't preserve views that are set to show a specific option.  You would have to go back through your view list and re-set the design option to show the newly duplicated one.  Hopefully this will get solved sometime soon!


On a related note, it would be nice to be able to create new types within options rather than having to go back into the main model.

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in reply to: Chris.Aquino

2020 now. Still no organizational functionality for Design options. Please include on future release/ update.

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