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Creating a Wall Opening Family that is Two-Level Based

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Creating a Wall Opening Family that is Two-Level Based

We can create families that are two-level based using the "Generic Model two level based.rft" family template, which we are using to build wood-framed slat walls for crawl spaces and garages.  We like the two-level based family for this application because the slat walls adjust automatically when we adjust the level elevations, either the base or the top.  They look like this:


Screenshot 2024-01-25 150449.png


As you can see, we are modeling the framing, and the cladding with varying patterns possible created via arrays that populate as the wall changes size.  This is because all of this framing and cladding is exposed in the model presentation.


This works great up until the point where we want to place that slat wall within a masonry wall opening.  I can't find a way to build a wall opening family that is two-level based.  Am I missing something?


I have tried these options:


  • The built-in wall opening tool within the project environment allows top and bottom base references, but you obviously have to fill those openings manually with other geometry in the project - no way to nest parametric families in the openings that move with the opening, and you can't control finish returns very well with this tool.
  • The window and door family templates allow us to create custom voids in the wall host to better control wall fininsh returns, but these family types are only hosted by the base, and cannot have a top reference level assigned.
  • Curtain walls would be an option, but as you can see above, we need more control over the pattern of the cladding and framing than the curtain walls provide.
  • The closest I have gotten so far is to model a solid extrusion in the two-level based family that is as thick as the wall and turned off in all visibilty settings except "coarse":Screenshot 2024-01-25 150929.png
    Then I place that family so it overlaps the wall in the project, and then I use the join tool to join the family to the wall, and then the family will look like it's cutting a opening in the wall as long as the current view detail isn't set to "coarse".  This last option is where I am at right now, and I am planning on modeling the finish returns into the opening within the family and as long as the materials match with the wall, it should look right.  It's just not as ideal as if there was a way to create wall opening families that are two-level based.


Any other suggestions?



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in reply to: libengan

Why have you dismissed using Curtain Walls for this?  Give me a specific example of how Curtain Walls don't work for you.  Maybe I'll have a solution for you.  

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This is as close as I got to replicating this with a curtain wall:

Screenshot 2024-01-25 165042.png


The mullions always intersect each other even if they are out of plane and note actually touching.  No way to create a pattern with different size cladding boards either - for example alternating 5.5" wide and 1.5" wide boards.

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in reply to: libengan

What's it supposed to look like? What's the construction?  

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in reply to: libengan

It's a wood framed stud wall with wood cladding attached to the exterior side of the framing.

Screenshot 2024-01-26 090003.pngScreenshot 2024-01-26 090224.png

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in reply to: libengan

Curtain Walls and Beam Systems in Project:






Fully Parametric:




Openings (sizing can be parametrically controlled as well):






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in reply to: libengan

I think I see what you're doing.  You're using three different systems to create a single latticed wall right?  A curtain wall and two different beam systems within the project environment?


That would work, but I wont be able to control the finish wrapping of the masonry wall into the opening created by the curtain wall.  And it will get cumbersome in the model to place all of these...  I think I might have to stick with my original workaround of using a single two-level based family with hidden extrusions that can be joined and locked to the wall so they appear like an opening.

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in reply to: libengan

@libengan wrote:


That would work, but I wont be able to control the finish wrapping of the masonry wall into the opening created by the curtain wall. 


I didn't know we were talking about "finish wrapping of the masonry wall".  Show me the construction/condition and I'll show you how to do it. 

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