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Change mm to meter

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Change mm to meter

Hello. I wanted to ask for help with the dimensions. I wanted to ask for help how to change mm to meters completely, I already change the project units to meters but whenever I placed dimensions on the walls etc. .. The numbers are always in millimeters which is my problem because I want it in meters like for example 1.20 Meters not 1200 . I have solved this before but I forgot how since it's been years I haven't opened Revit... Hoping for someone to help. Thank you


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Change the Units used by the Dimension Type under it's Type Properties. 


Dim Units.png

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Make sure your dimension type is set to: Use project settings: change-units-revit/ 



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Project Units > Length defines the "global" project units for all dimensions that are set to use Project Settings. If you set all of your dimension styles to that then changing it once will update them all. If any are overriding Project Units then you have to adjust them in each dimension style separately.

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