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Best Revit book and Learning Resources

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Best Revit book and Learning Resources

what is the best book to learn revit? starting to advanced all commands? i usually learn softwares from the Dummies series. they are really good. on amazon i saw revit - no experienced required, and mastering revit architecture series. which is the best one of them?

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in reply to: Viveka_CD

i think

Mastering  Revit Architecture is the most wonderfull book
the help itself of revit

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in reply to: rock9

try to find Mohamed El Masri Course this is arabic Course will provide you with more info than expected and LinkedIn Learning courses

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Mohamed Nassar , ACP, Autodesk Ambassador Gold
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in reply to: Anonymous

I just released one of the first Book on Dynamo for Revit 

It is available here







Expert Elite, AU Speaker, Autodesk Certified Professional
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in reply to: dan.stine

I strongly recommend this book "Residential Design Using Autodesk Revit 2021" authored by Mr.

Daniel John Stine as the best book at all for beginners like me to learn Revit Architecture 2021, I encourage my  colleagues to own this valuable book by the following link:
Kind Regards


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in reply to: rock9

Thanks for the mention


Paul F. Aubin

Paul F. Aubin Consulting Services, Inc.
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in reply to: rock9

Thanks @Viveka_CD! Also, since this is the "books" thread I should mention all my Revit 2022 books are listed here: 🙂

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in reply to: dan.stine

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