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How to keep have the accurate path for a file located in ACC?

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How to keep have the accurate path for a file located in ACC?

Hello everyone,

I have been struggling to be able to find the correct way display links accordingly through the Revit API.  When I point to the desktop connector for the file path the cloud link is now turning into an absolute path.  I am assuming because cloud is not a link type in the API.  What is available is Relative, Absolute and Server.  The point of the feature I am working on is if the user copies the link to a new folder our program will allow them to pick a new folder where the link is located.  I am able to keep the ACC path if I am working with .dwg files. But ifc.rvt and .rvt files are giving me grief unless they are cloud work shared models or cloud non-work shared models.  Is there any way that any of you have found a way to maintain the Autodesk:// ACC path?


Any help would be very much appreciated.  Below are the type of links I am talking about.









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To rephrase, do you mean you want to insert a Revit link located in Autodesk desktop connected drive and the result you get is an absolute link type instead of an cloud link type (Autodesk://...)?

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