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Get Linked Elements that Appear on Schedule Revit API

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Get Linked Elements that Appear on Schedule Revit API

Using the Revit API (2017 and above), is there any way to get a list of linked elements that appear on a schedule (including filters, phase filters, etc).


Currently, if you query a ViewSchedule using the FilteredElementCollector, it will return N Elements (e.g. Windows, Doors, FamilyInstance) and M RevitLinkInstances. However, the RevitLinkInstance does not list out the actual Element that appears in the linked model. Is there a way to query a RevitLinkInstance in the scope of a ViewSchedule? Or a similar solution?

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Hi @Anonymous,

You can get all the elements in Linked Document by using the below code

 RevitLinkInstance RLI;
                    foreach(Document D in app.Documents)
                            FilteredElementCollector FamilyInstances = new FilteredElementCollector(D).OfClass(typeof(FamilyInstance));
                            IList<Element> LinkedElements = FamilyInstances.ToElements() as IList<Element>;
                            foreach(Element element in LinkedElements)
                                //Do something

For creating ViewSchedule refer the following Link


Viewschedule API


Naveen Kumar T
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the method of provided returns ALL elements from that Linked Instance. What I am looking for is only the linked instances that are contained within the ViewSchedule (e.g. PhaseFilters, ScheduleFilters, DesignOption visibility, etc).

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hey Jacob,

I have managed to get it to work by passing the Schedule Id to a new fileteredElementCollector like this:


schedule = doc.ActiveView
scheduledElements = list(FilteredElementCollector(doc, schedule.Id))

allElements = []

for element in scheduledElements:
    if element.Category.Name == 'RVT Links':
        linkedElements = list(FilteredElementCollector(element.GetLinkDocument(), schedule.Id))
        for linkedElement in linkedElements:

for element in allElements:
    print element

Let me know if that worked for you aswell

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