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DockablePane focus back to View like Properties window

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DockablePane focus back to View like Properties window



I have a dockable pane running some commands (IExternalCommandHandler implemented) that requires selection of elements. There is focus behavior that I'd some help in clarifying please. Currently when you click on a field in the Properties window the focus goes to the window, and if you hover your mouse outside the focus goes back to the active view, without user input. The project browser doesn't do this, if you click on it the focus goes to it, but when you hover your mouse outside it retains focus. The dockable pane in WPF acts just like the project browser, and I'd like it to behave more like the properties window in regards to switching focus.


I have indeed tried these solutions, but they don't address this topic:


I have also tested a switch of active view, to a dummy view and back to the original view. It works, but isn't a suitable solution due to performance issue in large projects. I have also tested UIView.Zoom but it doesn't focuses back.


Any other suggestion folks? Thanks!!

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