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An automation experiment, family placement, its tag and then a remote tag

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An automation experiment, family placement, its tag and then a remote tag

Apologizing for beginning to wear out a welcome, here is a video and code share for yet another custom ribbon specific task command involving family placement and tags. The ribbon panel split button control being used is a variant of what is mentioned here


One idea presented is a remote tag. Maybe this is commonly done in Revit practice. The remote tag here is simply a tag on on item where the tag itself is placed in proximity to a different item that is a system client to the former item. What is really needed is for Revit tags to show values from an indexed object instead of the object the tag tags. Perhaps it does this. Anyway, that is part of what is seen in the video.


Video is at youtube:

Code is at repository:


Other items of interest are "Host face normal direction used to drive symbology orientation" and "User settings for family names, types and tag parameter names". The first is a way used to orient based on which direction the host face faces. The idea could be used with a complex family that is capable of rotating within itself to produce a face based family placement that is "always level" so to speak. Only a crude family is used in the demonstration but the code behind does provide the necessary angle to "level". The second is an attempt to externalize family names, family types and parameter names outside of the hard coded add-in. The need is necessary for any type of task related ribbon customization where aspects to the task are not static.   

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Dear Allan,


Thank you very much for your highly interesting and useful contributions!


Definitely no need to apologise.


On the contrary, I think that an apology from the community to you is in order, for not expressing due appreciation more enthusiastically 🙂


I'll highlight this very nice sample on The Building Coder anon.





Jeremy Tammik
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open
The Building Coder

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Very nice of you. Thank you.

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